» What's a clique?
A clique is simply a site dedicated to whatever subject (in this case megane bishounen) where people can sign up and show their apprecciation for the subject of the clique (in this case, you signing up means showing your love for boys with glasses).

» Why megane bishounen?
I must admit that I have somewhat of an obsession with glasses and characters with glasses. Generally, male characters with glasses are the mysterious ones, the ones that don't talk much about themselves and that are always serious. And, let's be honest here - they're usually the sexy ones as well. All in all, they're usually interesting characters and they will usually catch my attention.

The idea for this clique actually came to me years ago and the layout you're seeing is actually at least two years old. I started working on this clique and then stopped because I didn't have enough time on my hands. Then I saw that Amassment was doing a Clique Happy event and I decided to sign up for it. With finally some free time and the Clique Happy event to give me the little push that I needed, I was able to put this online. I've never seen a clique for megane characters before and I thought I couldn't possibly be the only one who loves boys with glasses. So now us lovers of megane can finally show our love!

» Why the name?
It's the Glasses came to me almost immediately. It stuck to me and honestly, I liked from the moment I thought of it. After all, what makes megane characters stand out is really their glasses, isn't it?

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