Here are some rules you should read before joining. If you break them, I'll have to remove you from the clique, so please make sure you understand them and always follow them!

• When joining please include your name/nickname, valid email address and country.

• Unlike classic cliques, you don't need to have a website in order to join. You can just sign up with your name, country and email and you will still be accepted.

• If you do have a website and would like to have it displayed in the clique, all you have to do is link back to the clique somewhere on your website (the homepage or a page dedicated to cliques/rotations/etc. will do). If I can't find the link back, I will not add your website.

• Please, do not remove the link back to the clique. I will do random checks from time to time to make sure every member is linking back. If I can't find a link back to the clique anywhere on your site, your site will be removed (even if you had linked back to the clique when you first joined).

• I will accept any site in any language, as long as it's not commercial or does not contain any hentai/hating contents. I reserve the right not to add your website if I think it's not suitable for the clique. I will not, however, accept social networking sites (such as facebook, twitter, etc.), but I will accept journals or other sites where the link back is visible.

After you have read and understood the rules, feel free to grab a code and join! :D

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